Prefect offers a way for you to always know how your child is doing. It creates an environment that is safe and conducive for learning and it keeps you connected with the school and other parents like you in a secure, exclusive platform.


Education is the best inheritance parents could provide their children. But with our lives becoming more and more complicated and the pressures that our children go through becoming tougher and tougher, looking after our children’s studies are becoming harder and more time consuming. With Prefect, we provide you all the tools to make parenting easier:

•   Say goodbye to “cutting classes”

•   Stay informed and up to date with how your child is performing in school

•   Fake “projects” and fake “activities” will be a thing of the past

•   Bullying and peer pressure will be easier to report



Ever worried whether your child arrived at school safely or whether they have left school premises already? With Prefect, you will in Real Time!



Unsure if whether classes are suspended? Wondering when and how much enrollment would cost? Wishing there was an easier way to get school updates and reminders? We’ve got you covered!


Worried about bugs? We have a tech support team to help. Also, we’ll keep updating your Prefect with better and newer features as they come!


Lost your phone? It’s easy to deactivate your Prefect in that one and get a new one on your new smartphone.


Android? iOS? Download your app in Google Playstore or Apple App Store!


We make use of secure cloud servers – the same ones the CIA of the United States just migrated to!


What is it worth to make sure that your child graduates and fulfills his/ her dreams? What is your child’s future worth to you? It’s priceless. But with Prefect, for a price that is roughly a jeepney ride per day, we provide you all the tools to make sure that this dream becomes a reality!


Working abroad? No problem, we’ll still provide you updates in seconds wherever you are. Internet problems? You’ll receive updates the moment you’re online again, without any confusion or information lost. We also have on-premise servers that will make sure your child’s security in school is online, every time!


Worried that your app will take too much space? Keeping a tight budget on your data usage? No worries, your Prefect app is pretty light on storage and live notifications consume around less than 1 KB of data.


It’s not too good to be true. Let us show you why.