What is Prefect?

In an environment uncertain with crime and violence, the safety of our children is of utmost importance. In a society where there seems to be a growing disconnect between parenting and schooling, being able to be there for our children is paramount. PREFECT is DreamIT’s solution to both.

With this service, your security, student discipline and safety, parental engagement, and ultimately academic performance and prestige will gain a distinct advantage. This innovation is something that we as a team have developed through our exposure to cutting-edge technology from some of the most advanced companies on the planet – while adapting that technology to suit the Filipino market.

Your little one on his way to school

Smart ID simply tapped at the entrance

You being notified real-time through the app anywhere in the world

Our service promises to deliver these primary benefits

  • Enhanced safety for your students and personnel
  • Convenience and peace of mind for parents
  • Innovative discipline enforcement
  • Aiding superior academic performance of your students
  • All while using latest technologies that further increase your school’s prestige

It’s not too good to be true. Let us show you why.